Basic Photography Workshop

24th March 2018


Location : HAUS KCH

Hosted by :


  • Hello Kuching

Want to have picture worthy kind of shots for your socmeds? Impressing your profile or just having a good shot to have that amount of likes scores? Here's a good chance to know lil bits and pieces on learning how to play around with the composure of lighting and how grid is important in taking a good shot.

Hello Kuching would like to share the basics of photography in a never-experienced way. This is for entry level to master levels alike. Learning should be fun, so that's how the workshop will be: FUN!

1. "So I know how to use a camera. Isn't basic enough?"

You're good if you know how to push buttons, but
are you capable of manipulating light?

Want to have picture worthy kind of shots for your Social Media? Want an impressive profile reel in the likes? Here's a list of helps that will help you get there:-
+ Composition
+ Lighting
+ Use the grid

2. "But I don’t own a camera?"
You don't have to worry if you don't own a DSLR sophisticated camera as your phone camera will suffice.
+ Use your phone
+ Use one of our cameras

With that, bring a notebook and a pen and most importantly, please bring, YOU!