Borneo Bengkel at RFF

7th - 8th July 2018


Location : Borneo 744

Hosted by :

  • Borneo Bengkel

  • Catama Borneo


  • Pangrok Sulap

  • 9Lives

  • Rainforest Fringe Festival

We are popping up at the Rainforest Fringe Festival for our first roadshow! Be sure to drop by to experience a transformative exhibition, multiple workshops, and a mini crafts bazaar centred around Bornean culture.

Time: 11am - 10pm
Date: 7-8 July 2018
Place: Block C, Space 2


Woodcut and Printmaking by Pangrok Sulap
Design, carve and print a woodblock or bring your own T-shirt to print on

Pyrography by Sonia Luhong Wan
Explore burning and mark-making using a pyrography pen

Paper Jungle by Catriona Maddocks
Create a jungle of paper cut leaves and flowers

Prices vary from RM10 - RM50 and are suitable for all age ranges and abilities.


Pangrok Sulap
Pangrok Sulap is a collective of artists, musicians and social activists with a mission to empower rural communities and the marginalised through art. Founded in 2010, woodcut prints are the collective’s main tool in spreading social messages. Pangrok Sulap’s work tells the narrative of indigenous communities of Borneo as well as endangered ways of life, forests, and flora and fauna. "Pangrok" is the local pronunciation of "punk rock" and “ Sulap” is the name of a hut or a resting place usually used by farmers in Sabah. The collective are strong advocates for the DIY concept hence the slogan 'Jangan Beli, Bikin Sendiri' (Don't Buy, Do-it-yourself).

Sonia Luhong
A graphic designer by profession, Sonia Luhong Wan also specialises in the art of pyrography, whereby designs are burnt onto wood using the common soldering iron. Her subjects touch heavily
on themes of natural conservation and cultural identity – a reflection of her strong belief that art is not merely a form of creative self-expression, but also a powerful medium for education and social

Catriona Maddocks
Catriona is a socially-engaged visual artist from the United Kingdom, who has lived in Sarawak for nearly a decade. The co-founder of Catama Borneo, a design house working with rural communities
to preserve and innovate traditional craft practices, she is fascinated by oral histories, indigenous patterns and motifs, natural materials and craftsmanship. Her work explores folklore and fables, primordial beasts and the repetition of stories through different cultures. Her most recent series juxtaposes traditional British folklore with the mythical creatures of Iban fables and questions how narratives define people and place, and weave together landscape, heritage and identity.

About Borneo Bengkel
Borneo Bengkel is a creative platform that explores issues of Bornean identity and culture through the eyes of craft makers, musicians, social activists, academicians and performers. Curated by Catama Borneo and HAUS KCH, it has over 40 collaborators from Sarawak, Sabah and Kalimantan.