Cendana Funding Clinic

8th December 2017


Location : HAUS KCH

Hosted by :

  • Timbre Kuching


  • Momentum KCH

  • Hello Kuching

  • 9Lives

  • Cultural Economy Development Agency (Cendana)

Are you a practicing creative? Or even an emerging one? Are you looking to leverage your craft and bring it to a wider platform? Then this is for YOU.

The Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA) is supported by the Malaysian Government through MyCreative Ventures. CENDANA envisions a vibrant, sustainable and ambitious cultural economy for Malaysia. CENDANA focuses on performing arts, visual arts and independent music in small, medium (less than 500 pax) and public spaces.

Learn more about CENDANA and how you can tap into this opportunity through its funding programmes, as well as discuss how together we can create a vibrant cultural sector in Kuching.

FREE Admission and refreshments will be provided. So there's no reason why you shouldn't be there ;)

This clinic is a proud segment of Colour.wav, the collective AV Experience sculpted by 9Lives, Timbre at HAUS KCH, Momentum KCH and Hello Kuching. For full event coverage can be found at:

Colour.wav + Open Mic Night 13: Colour.wav + Timbre Sessions e8: Colour.wav so dial in there!