HAUS KCH has launched numerous of events, workshops and initiatives coordinated by an in-house coordination team and also various Community Partners.

HAUS KCH aims to increase collaboration between creative groups, facilitate the growth of local creatives, provide affordable opportunities to learn creative skills and also to unite people based on their passions and interests.

If you have any ideas for what should go on at HAUS or if you just want to find out more, message HAUS KCH right now.


Past Events


Sarawak Meets Me.reka! — 16th - 17th February 2019

After the joyous celebrations of Chinese New Year, its time to celebrate the artistic uniqueness that Sarawak has to offer!Join the creative cats of HAUS Kuching as they walk you through wearable art creation!


Salam Pecah Laut Tour — 16th February 2019

Our first leg in 2019 sees the return of Post Rock local boys South China Sea (KCH) making their debut appearance in Timbre, as Kuching becomes their next stop in their #salampecahlaut tour alongisde GLASS (KL). They are joined by the masses of POLAR (KCH), Love/Comes (KCH) and Clockwise (KCH). A night of indie music one shouldn't miss out on!


Awakenin9: Art Exhibition and Workshop — 12th - 27th January 2019

AWAKENIN9, a two-week art exhibition to start off our 2019, and there will be art workshops held by 9Lives' artists. So get excited; get AWAKE!


Ruangseni | Art Street Kuching — 21st - 28th October 2018

Ruangseni is a mini-exhibition by local artists exploring the umbrella theme of "connections" through mediums such as sculptures, photography, short films, and art. Curated by Art Street Kuching and located on the second floor of Indah House Kuching.


Street Theatre | Art Street Kuching — 21st, 27th October 2018

Two nights of dance and drama presented by Art Street Kuching! Each piece will last 5 to 10 minutes and is performed in Upper China Street, just outside Indah House Kuching and Pinggai Cafe. More information regarding the performances will be released in the coming days!


Sketch Hunt 2018 | Urban Sketchers Kuching — 21st October 2018

Urban Sketchers Kuching presents: Sketch Hunt 2018! Urban sketching trains the eye to observe and notice details that we usually miss. How well do you think you know Kuching? Join Sketch Hunt for a fun afternoon flexing your eye, brain and hand muscles!


Emotive Expression: Coping With Emotions Through Creative Art — 14th October 2018

Five discipline of expressive art forms curated by five practitioners to share on their journey of expressing their emotions and struggles through their preferred art form, with limited to 2 Q&A per speaker.


Open Mic Evenin' — 13th October 2018

Your favourite Open Mic series leaps out of the darkness to greet the sunset, making a daytime appearance for the first time ever come Saturday 13th October in conjunction with GlassHaus Weekends x Borneo Bengkel and What About Kuching 2018!


Memories, Meanings & Methods — 12th October 2018

After the success of last years Motifs, Meanings and Myths event at HAUS KCH, Borneo Bengkel will once again collaborate with Friends of Sarawak Museum to host an evening dialogue session exploring anthropology, culture, identity and stories from the field. Speakers will share their research journey, discoveries and creation.


GlassHaus Weekends x Borneo Bengkel — 12th - 14th October 2018

Join us for GlassHaus Weekends, a weekend of inter-state collaboration surrounding grassroots arts, culture, entrepreneurship and heritage workshops, exhibitions, and showcases!


La-WAK Sik?! feat the Angry Indians — 10th - 11th October 2018

WARNING: Not for the easily-offended, even if you are above 18!

Catch this wily and uncensored bunch for Lawak Sik?! in conjunction with What About Kuching 2018!


Remember Sycamore Tour : Kuching Stop — 8th September 2018

Proudly presented by HAUS KCH and Timbre at HAUS KCH, KL-based musician, Sound of Kites, land in Kuching for their nationwide Remember Sycamore Tour this 8th September at Speak Eazy Bar Kuching by Goribar Enterprise 7pm! Tickets are ONLY RM15 at the door and you get a free drink!


Global Village in Kuching 2018 — 11th August 2018

Global Village celebrates the diversity of cultures from around the world.
Come enjoy exotic food, fun games as well as exciting performances from our exchange participants from different nationalities and local artists.


Borneo Bengkel at RFF — 7th - 8th July 2018

HAUS KCH and Catama Borneo are excited to present to you this year's Borneo Bengkel at the Rainforest Fringe Festival!

We've been toiling under the sun to bring you this first instalment of Borneo Bengkel 2018, a precursor to our main event in October


Freak Flag Dance Battle — 6th May 2018

Krump Katz and HAUS KCH are throwin' a bash, and we're calling out ALL dance types to pit your skills against others come Sunday as part of #GlassHausWeekends.


Action Photography Workshop — 6th May 2018

Hello Kuching and HAUS KCH are hosting a 2-hour, guided live-action photography workshop as part of #GlassHausWeekends


Open Mic Night 14 — 5th May 2018

Open Mic Night is back with a vengeance. All performances MUST go. Timbre at HAUS KCH needs to know how it's done.


Fitness Expo — 5th May 2018

Get ready for Sarawak’s First Fitness Expo happening at HAUS KCH this coming May 5th 2018!


Star Wars Movie Screening — 4th May 2018

Who's psyched on the premiere of SOLO? We're gathering on Star Wars Day to honour Han Solo's best moments, ending the night with a screening of the Star Wars movie of YOUR choice.


Open Mic Night: Pop-Up — 4th May 2018

Surprise! A pop up show featuring KL singer-songwriters Azmyl Yunor and Bayangan comes your way this Friday, at HAUS KCH!


Timbre Sessions : Record Store Day 2018 — 21st April 2018

Timbre Sessions presents : Record Store Day 2018, Kuching's first DIY Record Store Day featuring DJ Vaux, DJ Ian, and DJ Keeyushee.


Life Drawing with 9Lives (Session 2) — 21st April 2018

9Lives is back at it again with session 2 of Life Drawing! If you missed out our previous session, feel free to join us.


Do U Uno? — 20th April 2018

Zaman Sekolah is back with another after-hour series of fun: Do U Uno?


Hameer Zawawi - (Kuching) “Plug Out The Machines” Tour — 14th April 2018

After recording the "Plug Out The Machines" EP, releasing it and going on tour for a month in Manhattan (NY), Long Island (NY), Brooklyn (NY), Harlem (NY) and Boston (MA), Hameer Zawawi and his bandmates will be coming down to his home country #Malaysia next for shows in Kuala Lumpur (KUL), Johor Bahru (JHR), Kuching (SWK), and George Town (PNG).


La[gula]gu - “Ear Candy” — 21st April 2018

We'll be feeding your ears with some sweet music and poetry next weekend!

Featured artists :
- Adruce Azman
- Hameer Zawawi
- Nading Rhapsody


Basic Photography Workshop — 24th March 2018

Want to have picture worthy kind of shots for your socmeds? Impressing your profile or just having a good shot to have that amount of likes scores? Here's a good chance to know lil bits and pieces on learning how to play around with the composure of lighting and how grid is important in taking a good shot.


Younghitterz Brawl Vol 3 : New Breed — 17th March 2018

We are back with another Younghitterz Brawl Volume 3: New Breed for Fundraising purpose to bring Patrick Mabanta and Jet Vngnce David to Kuching for Bucktagon Vol 3.This event was created in the early 2017 and returned with a whole new breed of Buck!


Band Night : Episode 4 — 24th February 2018

A banging line up this round. You ready?


REIMAGINE — 1st February 2018

A pop-up kitchen at Timbre by Chef Achang, will be serving a 7 course experimental dinner fusing local ingredients and foreign flavours. This gastronomical experience will ignite your senses and redefine what taste is.


Sanjuro De Yomu — 27th January 2018

SANJURO DE YOMU (translated as “read at Sanjuro” is BookendsMY’s first attempt on bringing the public together under mutual interest and shared hobby of books and reading.


Lil Nice Cat Booksale — 24th February 2018

Books, books, and more books! Large selection of pre-loved novels, cookbooks, autobiographies and more going for just RM5!


BAND NIGHT EP 3 — 1st February 2018

Back with our first gig of the year, with a spanking sweet new line up!


Stand up comedy : Three and a Half Indians— 12th January 2018

We are back with another round of stand up comedy where this time we are featuring Keren, Brian, Prakash and also Kavin Jay! We also have surprise which will only be revealed during the show itself, wanna know what? come to our show!


Be A Professional Creative! — 11th January 2018

"5 Steps Towards Being A Professional Creative"

Easily learn the 5 steps to take towards being a professional creative.


THA Hip Hop Cypher (Verse 2) — 6th January 2018

Hip Hop Cypher in Kuching City featuring local Breakerz and Dancers, Emcees, Graffiti Writers, DJ and Hip Hop lovahs.
Hosted by Char Loro from Shapeshifter Studio, Canada.

Jam and cypher concept, all for the love of Hip Hop. Holla for more info!


Tales of Sarawak : Exploring James Brooke’s First Years As Rajah — 16th December 2017

How much do you really know about Sarawak History? Join us this Saturday, December 16th, to learn the in-betweens that were not taught in your high-school classes.


Funny Enough?! Vol. 2 — 15th December 2017

Warning: This event is strictly NOT kid-friendly.


Who Am I? - School Holiday Program — 13th December 2017

A school holiday program for 15 teenage Form 1 - 4 students, about self discovery, the workforce, future endeavours and how to contribute to society through work and passion.


Timbre Sessions e8: Colour.wav — 9th December 2017

Our LAST session for the year of 2017! In conjunction with Colour.Wav, we'll be bringing back some acts and also will be having 2 new acts as well!


Colour.wav — 8th - 10th December 2017

Breathe art. Drink Music.

9Lives, Timbre at HAUS KCH, Momentum KCH and Hello Kuching are teaming up to bring you an audio-visual experiment that floods the senses by transforming space + taste + sight + sound into a gateway to imagination.


Open Mic Night 13: Colour.wav — 8th December 2017

10 acts. 15 minutes each. Open Mic Night is about showing Kuching that the stage is meant for more than just music--and the people of this city do indeed have talent.


Cendana Funding Clinic — 8th December 2017

Are you a practicing creative? Or even an emerging one? Are you looking to leverage your craft and bring it to a wider platform? Then this is for YOU.


I Wish For A Forever Home - Pet Adoption — 18th - 19th November 2017

A large scale pet adoption drive to get these rescued animals whom were victims from the rabies crises and animal cruelty to be REHOME. They have gone through the PAIN, TRAUMA and near DEATH experience.Their only wish is; “I Wish for a forever home” and YOU are their only hope, for a SECOND chance of LIFE.


Lessons From Hawai’i — 10th November 2017

In partnership with the US Embassy, Momentum KCH presents a 2-hour talk by a Senior Scientist from The Nature Conservancy of Hawai'i.


GlassHaus Weekends — 21st - 22nd October 2017

Weekends have a new standard.

For 2 jam-packed days, let us immerse you an all-access interactive exhibit that showcases the power of collaboration between SABAHAN and SARAWAKIAN Artisans, Anthropologists, Craftmakers, and Performers and Musicians.


Fireside Fables & Folklore — 19th October 2017

Come take a seat on the tikar and listen to Bornean tales of jungle spirits, ancient giants and mythical beasts told by candle light. Stories and songs recited by Friends of Sarawak Museum.


Motifs, Meanings & Myths — 18th October 2017

For one night only, join this dialogue with anthropologists, craft specialists and tattoo experts discussing the way different indigenous groups of Borneo have expressed their identity, folklore and culture and discovered their creative voice.


Lil’ Nice Cat: Fund An Artist — 23rd September 2017

Lil' Nice Cat is back with a twist!


Social Outreach Project: Urban Poor Children, Kuching — 16th September 2017

The Projects of the People team is working in partnership with the Society of Kuching Urban Poor (SKUP) in bringing about an Outreach Project with 50 Urban Poor children on Personal Hygiene. (primary school ages, from the Sg. Apong and Kpg. Kudei)


GlassHaus Weekends — 5th - 6th August 2017

HAUS KCH presents: GlassHaus Weekends.

See through our walls and inhabit our spaces as HAUS opens its doors to the public for an all-access exhibit. Workshops and demonstrations will dot the day as the night is brought together with live music


Timbre Sessions 3 — 20th May 2017

Who's joining us this time? Lineup coming soon!


Project Rumah Baru@HAUS — 16th September 2017

Project Rumah Baru - a crash course in citizenship in a post-apocalyptic Sarawak - is a civic education workshop designed by ROSE.


Lil’ Nice Cat Booksale — 19th May 2017

Preloved books for sale a flat rate of RM5 each!


Getting Your Art Out There by Joe Sidek — 18th May 2017

Grab this chance to hear it straight from the man himself, Joe Sidek, Founder and Director of George Town Festival.


Labour Day MV Shoot — 1st May 2017

Come and be a part of the "crowd" in our music video production.

Venue at Borneo 744, 7pm onwards.

Free F&B by Noms on Street and Ammo Supply!


Soul Dance x Haus Party 2017 — 30th April 2017

Soul Dance × HAUS is throwing you a Party this weekend / Sunday (30th April 2017) 8PM


Intrtxt Public Debates: Urban Development or Rural Development? — 26th April 2017

With finite resources, comes hard decisions. Acknowledging this, should we thin out our resources and provide with the bare minimum for everyone throughout the state? Or instead, should we focus on building up urban areas in order to have the best facilities and to create well to do business zones in the hopes that many would move there and create urban sprawls?


Haus Games Volume 1 — 18th February 2017

HAUS KCH presents: Haus Games Volume 1

Gather your friends and family for a day free of pressure, but full of punch!


Lil’ Nice Cat Book Sale — 11th February 2017

We've been collecting 2nd hand books over the past few weeks to raise funds via a mini book sale!


HAUS Party #1 — 13th January 2017

2017 has begun! Come to our first ever HAUS Party of the year. HAUS Parties are casual sessions where people just get together and hang out. There will be music and also food and drinks that are available for purchase.


Sup4Haus: Towards A Creative Community Hub — 17th December 2016

The replete cast of HAUS KCH seek to regale you with their vision for a better Kuching, taking you on a tour through the building that will house sharp and underrated local talents.


OpenHAUS: Casual Get Together — 13th November 2016

Hello Kuching! Tomorrow from 12pm until 5pm, we will be welcoming any of you who'd like to check out the space and meet the people of HAUS.