Fireside Fables & Folklore

19th October 2017


Location : HAUS KCH

Hosted by :


  • Catama Borneo

  • Friends of Sarawak Museum

  • About Kuching

  • Momentum KCH

Come take a seat on the tikar and listen to Bornean tales of jungle spirits, ancient giants and mythical beasts told by candle light. Stories and songs recited by Friends of Sarawak Museum.

With Catama Borneo, and part of Borneo Bengkel: Hornbill and Elephant Creative Exchange, HAUS KCH presents Fireside Fables & Folklore.

Your storytellers for the night:
Dora Jok
Alvin Danker
Adrian Milang
Ferrah Fusfita

Our programme facilitators Friends of Sarawak Museum have put together a string of themed talks that are limited to collaborators and closed invites.

We're offering you an in at only RM20 to listen in on Bornean Music (Tuesday), Animals (Wednesday), and Crocodiles (Thursday). Talks are from 1-3 daily.

In the evening, join Pangrok Sulap in their pop-up "Tamu" downstairs while we set up the scene for Fireside Fables & Folklore 730pm onwards.

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