GlassHaus Weekends x Borneo Bengkel

12th - 14th October 2018


Location : HAUS KCH

Hosted by :

  • Borneo Bengkel

  • Timbre Kuching

  • Catama Borneo

  • 9Lives

  • The Champions


  • Momentum KCH

  • About Kuching

Join us for GlassHaus Weekends, a weekend of inter-state collaboration surrounding grassroots arts, culture, entrepreneurship and heritage workshops, exhibitions, and showcases! Check out the programme below:-

Friday (12th)
- Free talk: Memories, Meanings & Methods, an evening of dialogue surrounding culture, identity, and experience in the field, with co-hosts Friends of Sarawak Museum.
- Workshop Registration

Both Saturday and Sunday (13th & 14th)
- Tamu Art Market
- People of The Land Exhibition
- Lifestyle and Food vendors
- Film Screenings
- Arts, culture and crafts workshops by Sarawakian and Sabahan creative collaborators

Saturday Only (13th)
- Open Mic Evenin' by Momentum KCH
- Performances by Pinanak Sentah and Nading Rhapsody

Sunday Only (14th)
- Expressing Emotion through art by Swara Kch
- Finale performances by Meruked, RAWI, and ÁT ADAU

With the combined forces of Sarawak, Sabah, Kalimantan, Selangor, and the UK, the weekend will be a real treat for the casual festival-goer in love with the arts, and Bornean culture. We're excited to also be a part of the arts, culture and lifestyle celebration that is What About Kuching 2018!

Borneo Bengkel was first conceptualised in 2017 by Catama Borneo and is hosted by HAUS KCH, with support from Amogha Tours.

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The Programme
Ultimately, the ethos behind this residency has always been to create an environment of knowledge- and skill-sharing, void of ego. As the first leg of this journey, the outreach seeks to embody this ethos fervently, as 30 participants will "turun padang" to trade valuable cultural knowledge and skills with the beautifully vivid, charming, and sage cultural practitioners and rural artisans of Kampung Sadir. Our participating residents from Borneo and UK will teach their contemporary artforms in hopes for the villagers to use as a tool for socio-economic benefit, for themselves and for their community. In turn we will learn valuable knowledge on Bidayuh culture that longs to be passed on; ancient weaving techniques and the lay of the land. 

The Village
Kampung Sadir is a Bidayuh village situated on the beautiful hillsides of Padawan, nestled between multiple waterfalls. One walk through this village would render one at peace--it is littered with the bounties of nature that nurture and sustain its villagers' way of life. Rattan and bamboo are especially prevalent, with livestock staking claim to sidewalk real estate, and cats and dogs lounging lazily side by side under the sun. While you stop and spy an elderly crafts woman weaving a rattan basket detail, the children will playfully wave at you, enticing a friendly response.

Our Ask
Our experience will last from 6-8 October. Bringing 30 participants to this neck of the woods, however, requires a certain amount of funds: our calculation brings the cost of 3 days and 2 nights of skill-sharing to a total of RM7500. The funds go straight to transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, workshop materials, and an honorarium to our welcoming hosts. The latter is especially important as we believe economic empowerment is important to traditional craft practitioners.

While we, Borneo Bengkel, and Catama Borneo go about our respective ways of searching for funding, we implore the help of the public and are opening this avenue for you to contribute to our cause--in true spirit of the no-ego invitation to collaborate.

With that, we leave it to you to contribute any amount with which you're comfortable. We've collaborating with our guest artists to provide the following rewards!

RM100 & above
- Set of limited edition postcards

RM200 & above
- Borneo Bengkel T- Shirt
- Set of limited edition postcards

RM500 & above
- Limited edition art print
- Borneo Bengkel T- Shirt
- Set of limited edition postcards

RM1000 & above
- Original Artwork
- Borneo Bengkel T- Shirt
- Set of limited edition postcards

Please share this out should our cause resonate with you too, dear reader, and thank you for making it this far <3

Cheque, cash, or online:
Persatuan Benkel Seni Kuching
Maybank Bhd: 511038638409

p.s. The results of the creative residency will be presented on the 12th - 14th October 2018 atGlassHaus Weekends x Borneo Bengkel at our new location at Pending Heights, City Square.