Haus Games Volume 1

18th February 2017


Location : HAUS KCH

Hosted by :


HAUS KCH presents: Haus Games Volume 1

Gather your friends and family for a day free of pressure, but full of punch!

+ Almost 15 types of board and card games to choose from
+ Starting at 2pm, our doors close when the last dice has been rolled
+ RM5 single entry fee grants you All-Day access to all the board games and a Canned Drink

Arriving in a group does not guarantee that you will be leaving with one. Be warned.

Meaning "To look" or "Stairs", Tangga is 9Lives latest art exhibition that seeks to enthrall its visitors, equipping them with offsets and ideals that aim to change your perception of every day life.

18-19 February 2017
11am - 9pm
Free Entrance

+ Featuring artists D2K, Amin, Muiz Pauzi, Zitface, and fellow Sabahan Rajimin
+ Activities include a Live Art Demo, various Art Workshops, and an intimate sharing session by a visiting artist
+ Art Exhibition with a series launching and artworks on full-display