Intrtxt Public Debates: Urban or Rural Development?

26th April 2017


Location : HAUS KCH

Hosted by :


  • Intrtxt

HAUS KCH will be hosting INTRTXT's very first Public Debate on the 26th of April.

With finite resources, comes hard decisions. Acknowledging this, should we thin out our resources and provide with the bare minimum for everyone throughout the state? Or instead, should we focus on building up urban areas in order to have the best facilities and to create well to do business zones in the hopes that many would move there and create urban sprawls?

If you have an opinion on this come over and watch our first ever public debate and vote!

Motion: This house would focus on developing urban areas instead of rural areas in Sarawak


Proposition Team: Joshua Paren, Galvin Lee and Ian Dylan Chai

Opposition Team: Jonathan Dason, Chelsea Michael and Mohd Aekram