Motifs, Meanings & Myths

18th October 2017


Location : HAUS KCH

Hosted by :


  • Timbre Kuching

  • Catama Borneo

  • Friends of Sarawak Museum

  • About Kuching

  • Momentum KCH

Friends of Sarawak Museum, Catama Borneo and HAUS KCH present Motifs, Meanings & Myths: Exploring Borneo's Traditional Creative Expression.

For one night only, join this dialogue with anthropologists, craft specialists and tattoo experts discussing the way different indigenous groups of Borneo have expressed their identity, folklore and culture and discovered their creative voice.

We're deciding to share the love. Initially a closed event amongst collaborators, Borneo Bengkel will be having free entry open sessions every day after 4. Pangrok Sulap are opening a pop-up "Tamu" on our ground floor for walk-ins on Woodblock Printing!

Today, there will be a closed dialogue on Bornean Music at 1pm, but entry is yours at a fundraising fee of just RM20.

Roll through early on Wednesday to get a good seat for Motifs, Meanings & Myths held in @timbre.kch from 730pm, held in collaboration with Friends of Sarawak Museum and Catama Borneo.

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