Sanjuro De Yomu

27th January 2018


Location : Sanjuro Cafe & Art Space

Hosted by :


  • Bookends MY

SANJURO DE YOMU (translated as “read at Sanjuro” is BookendsMY’s first attempt on bringing the public together under mutual interest and shared hobby of books and reading.

Local book lovers are invited to enjoy spoken poetry performances (by Bethany Balan from Wordsmiths of Kuching, Marsyee Bahtiar, and Hamazaitullah), sharing sessions (by FIXI writer Appy Mohd Hapizan, Shaa Anna from BookfairiesMY, and Japanese lit reader Ayang), and stand up comedies (by Camillus Caem, Terence Aaron and Ibrahim Khan). We encourage everyone to mingle around for their love of books. Secondhand books from Lil Nice Cat and BookendsMY are also up for sale.

SANJURO DE YOMU hopes to establish a base for the Kuching reading community to gather and connect consistently. This is so readers and writers can share valuable ideas, create creative alliances and mutually beneficial relationships