Street Theatre | Art Street Kuching

21st, 27th October 2018


Location : Indah House Kuching - Cafe,.Art & Event Space. Homestay

Hosted by :

  • Art Street Kuching

  • Indah House Kuching


  • About Kuching

Two nights of dance and drama presented by Art Street Kuching! Each piece will last 5 to 10 minutes and is performed in Upper China Street, just outside Indah House Kuching and Pinggai Cafe. More information regarding the performances will be released in the coming days!

Act I - Hip Hop Theatre

Act II - Comedy Miming

Act III - Fringe Theatre

Act IV - Contemporary Chinese Theatre

Performers & Collaborators: -
Abdul Walid Ali (with Spektrum Theatre)
Awangku Aniq Durar
Derek Kho
Goh Yin Xieng, Jong Bun How, & Li Li Chen (from Talent & Art Performing Centre)

Supported by: -
HAUS & WAK2018

Art Street Kuching: Connections (2018)
In an ever divisive world, what does it mean to be connected as a people. Within our community, what ties us together. This art oriented forum and community experience will explore the theme of “connections” through different mediums. Mediums such as dance, visual art, theatre, and video. Through these forms, we will look through the overarching theme with different lenses on what it means to be connected; the beauty and struggle.


Art Street Kuching presents 9 short film screenings as part of the Ruangseni | Art Street Kuching gallery in Indah House Kuching. Curated by Rumah Filemand co-hosted by Borneo Art Collective! Admission is free.

These film screenings will showcase award winning and independent Malaysian short films throughout the day from the 21st October to the end of WhatAbout Kuching Festival 2018!

Make sure to check it out when it opens and tell your friends! We hope to see you there!

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