Sup4Haus: Towards A Creative Community Hub

17th December 2016


Location : HAUS KCH

Hosted by :


  • Momentum KCH

The replete cast of HAUS KCH seek to regale you with their vision for a better Kuching, taking you on a tour through the building that will house sharp and underrated local talents.

Nestled gently in between the Holy celebrations of Maulidur Rasul on the 11th and Christmas on the 25th, Sup4Haus invites you to give in the spirit of charity on the 17th of December.

Come and sit alongside equals as you lay down your spoon aside bread and soup, ending the year in harmonious fashion.


+ Raise funds for the kickstart of HAUS KCH
+ Spread awareness of HAUS KCH and its vision
+ Attract potential tenants
+ Mix and Mingle with Kuching's heartiest

+ Arrival of guests at 730pm
+ Introduction to HAUS KCH and Sup4haus
+ Sup for all!
+ Tenants 5 minute pitch
+ Donation Booth + Building Tour by HausMates
+ Announcements and Photograph
+ Free Mingle session
+ Depart at 10pm



-Before Event-
You may purchase Sup Tickets for RM10 beforehand or on the day of the event itself.

-During Event-
On the day, entrants will submit their Sup Tickets, allowing them entry into the vicinity and one (1) bowl of Sup accompnied by bread. Drinks will be available on-sale within the compound.

Upon arrival of guests, we will go through the agenda stated above.

Participants are welcome to inform HAUS KCH crew and volunteers if assistance is needed. Participants are also encouraged to engage the tenants of HAUS KCH and be forthright with any and all questions.

The Donations Booth will be manned at all times, and seeks to provide any and all material one may need regarding everything HAUS KCH.

HAUS KCH Knick Knacks will be available for sale during the entire duration of the event.

-After Event-
We will announce the amount we have garnered on the night to tally the final amount with our target.

Due to the nature of the area, participants must disband at the maximum time of 11pm on the night of the event.


The noise levels should be maintained to reflect the nature of HAUS KCH's surrounding residential housing.
The management is not resposible for any shift in the agenda that may arise from natural circumstances.
The management reserves the right to alter the time and date of the event without prior notice.