Tales of Sarawak : Exploring James Brooke’s First Years As Rajah

16th December 2017


Location : HAUS KCH

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  • Momentum KCH

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How much do you really know about Sarawak History? Join us this Saturday, December 16th, to learn the in-betweens that were not taught in your high-school classes.

The Skinny
+ Free Entry
+ 4pm, Saturday, 16th December 2017
+ Timbre, 3rd Floor, HAUS KCH

James Brooke was made Rajah of Sarawak by Raja Muda Hashim in 1841 after a long and complicated power struggle. If he thought that his troubles were over, he was mistaken. My talk will explore the many difficulties that he had to overcome in order to persuade the people of Sarawak to support him as Rajah.

The Speaker
Dr J. H. (John) Walker taught International and Political Studies at the University of New South Wales, Canberra 25 years, with a particular focus on southeast Asian history and systems of government. He is the author of Power and Prowess: The Origins of Brooke Kingship in Sarawak (2002) and the co-editor (with Minako Sakai and Glenn Banks) of The Politics of the Periphery in Indonesia: Social and Geographical Perspectives (2009).

His articles on aspects of Sarawak history and political culture have appeared in Theory and Society, Modern Asian Studies, Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs, Australian Journal of Political Science, Borneo Research Bulletin, Journal of Borneo-Kalimantan, Jebat, Sarawak Museum Journal and Australian Religion Studies Review.